Tiny Hearts of Maldives commences pediatric cardiac care program

Tiny Hearts of Maldives has commenced a program for children with congenital heart conditions to find consultation with child cardiac specialists. Children registered in the organization will be facilitated to find consultation under the program.

Tiny Hearts of Maldives revealed that the program titled “Care for Tiny Hearts 2013” was launched today and that it will continue until the 26th of this month. The organization said that two specialist from India, one cardiac specialist from Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH), and a thoracic (lungs) surgeon will be working on the program.

The NGO also said that they will be carrying out a special workshop on conducting “fetal echocardiography”, the test used to diagnose cardiac conditions in the fetal stage. The purpose of the workshop would be raise awareness of the importance of identifying heart diseases while the child lies in the mother’s womb, and dissemination information regarding the steps that can be taken if the condition is identified at an early stage. The workshop is to be conducted by doctors and radiologists working Male’.

Tiny Hearts of Maldives was founded in 2009 and works to provide information and professional knowledge to Maldivian parents on children’s heart health issues. The organization has about 300 registered patients. Approximately 100 children seek consultation for congenital heart conditions through the organization’s Care for Tiny Hearts program each year. This is the fifth consecutive year for the program. – via sun.mv (http://english.sun.mv/10889)