Over 400 children registered with Tiny Hearts of Maldives

Tiny Hearts of Maldives has revealed that 442 children have registered with the NGO.

Addressing a function held at Hotel Jen titled ‘Connecting Hearts for Tiny Hearts’ founder member Hishmath Faiz said that they opened the NGO with just 12 children registered with them. She said that however the figure has now reached 442 with 51 new registrations this year.

Hishmath said that the organizations work has now been expanded and with support from well-wishers, they hope to expand the services further.

At last night’s ceremony, a special award was conferred to parties that have provided services to the organization and for people who have been permanently providing services to the organization.

The awards were distributed by the Chief Guest, Minister of Health Abdulla Nazim.

According to Tiny Hearts, the purpose of last night’s function was to provide an opportunity for well-wishers, parents and volunteers to meet under the same roof and to share information about the direction the organization is headed.

Founded on July 8, 2009 the organization aims to create knowledge and awareness about various congenital and other heart conditions which affect children before and after birth, with the assistance of various national and international professional organizations in this field, in addition to empowering parents and families to take timely action, advocating for the establishment of a fully functional cardiac unit with lifesaving equipment and qualified professional staff in at least one hospital in the Maldives and advising parents, families and young children on the importance of making lifestyle choices which promote a healthy heart. – via vnews (http://www.vnews.mv/72741)